Kawasaki Z900RS Carbon Fiber Dashpanel Covers

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Enhance the look of your Kawasaki Z900RS with our Carbon Fiber Tank Dashpanel Covers. Made from high-quality carbon fiber, these covers provide a sleek and sporty appearance while also adding durability and protection to your bike's dash panel. Upgrade your ride with our expertly crafted covers.

Stunning Carbon Fiber look for your Z900RS. Our Carbon Fiber Dashpanel Covers for the Kawasaki Z900RS make a huge difference. Installation is simple with the pre-attached double tape.

It fits the following Bikes:

  • Kawasaki Z900RS 2018+

Choose from various finishes and weave options, such as Matt or Glossy, Twill, Plain, or Forged Carbon. Please be aware that the original Kawasaki Carbon is a Twill Weave with a Glossy Finish. Our Carbon Fiber products are expertly made with Dry Carbon Fiber and feature a UV-Protective Coat to protect against harmful UV rays. For more details about Carbon, click on the accompanying link. Optimize your investment with our cutting-edge Carbon technology, a wise selection for any fashion-forward rider.

At RPM Carbon, we do not spare any costs and only work with the best materials and standards.

All our products are made with PrePreg Carbon Fiber. PrePreg has the perfect amount of resin impregnated and ensures that our products have maximum strength and weight reduction.  

Every product is cured in a high-pressurized Autoclave Oven. This process allows for the highest strength as it presses out even the tiniest micro air pockets out of the carbon. Autoclave Curing is the same technology used in carbon fiber products for aerospace, Formula 1, MotoGP, and other high-performance industries.

We don't just focus on performance. We want our products to stand out and give you satisfaction every time you look at them. Every product is coated with premium automotive clearcoat. We only use the best products with the highest UV-Protection and anti-scratch abilities.

Every Glossy Carbon Product is wet-sanded and polished to guarantee a smooth and ultra-glossy surface.

Twill Weave (2x2)

Twill weave is an over-over-under-under pattern. Most of our customers prefer it. It gives your bike a modern and speedy look.

OEM Carbon of BMW, Kawasaki, Aprilia and others is Twill Weave


Plain Weave (1x1)

Plain Weave is the classic carbon fiber pattern. It's a simple over-under pattern.

Ducati OEM Carbon is Plain Weave.



Forged Carbon

The newest Carbon Fiber technology. Forged Carbon has been introduced by Lamborghini on their Sesto Elemento Concept Car. The pattern is completely random as the small carbon sheets are just irregular placed in the carbon molds. This gives every part a totally different and unique look.