Kawasaki H2 / H2R Carbon Fiber Belly Pan

SKU: kah2-02-g-t

Finish: Glossy
Weave: Twill

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Kawasaki H2 Carbon Fiber Belly Pan

Missing a final race look for your H2? Our Belly Pan in Carbon Fiber will turn your Kawasaki H2 into a track weapon. The Belly Pan is easy to attach with the included brackets.

Fits the following Bikes:

  • Kawasaki H2 2015+

Available in Matt and Glossy Finish. You can also choose between Twill, Plain and Forged Carbon Weave. Please be notified that OEM Kawasaki Carbon is Glossy with Twill Weave.

All our Carbon Fiber products are made of DryCarbon Fiber, which ensures an even and smooth surface. Every Carbon Product also has a UV-Protection clear coat that protects your part from yellowing and ensures a long-lasting carbon fiber look. 

To learn more about the Carbon Weaves, click here.

Twill Weave (2x2)

Twill weave is an over-over-under-under pattern. Most of our customers prefer it. It gives your bike a modern and speedy look.

OEM Carbon of BMW, Kawasaki, Aprilia and others is Twill Weave


Plain Weave (1x1)

Plain Weave is the classic carbon fiber pattern. It's a simple over-under pattern.

Ducati OEM Carbon is Plain Weave.



Forged Carbon

The newest Carbon Fiber technology. Forged Carbon has been introduced by Lamborghini on their Sesto Elemento Concept Car. The pattern is completely random as the small carbon sheets are just irregular placed in the carbon molds. This gives every part a totally different and unique look.