Founded in 2018, RPM Carbon has quickly become one of the fastest-growing motorcycle carbon fiber aftermarket suppliers with a worldwide customer range. We aim to offer premium visual carbon fiber parts at a price value.

All our Carbon Fiber Parts are only made with the best materials to work with. Beginning from the Carbon Material itself, which is only DryCarbon (also called PrePreg Carbon), to the best top coat lacquers to achieve a smooth and long-lasting finish with outstanding UV-protection abilities. Most of the Holders and Clips are made of long-lasting ABS polycarbonate and are re-designed and produced in Injection Molds for high-accuracy fitment.

We do not just focus on appearance. Our production only uses the latest composite technologies. All our products are pressed in Autoclaves to ensure the strongest and lightest carbon products. Some of our products weigh up to 75% less than the OEM plastic parts.
Every customer order is particular for us and will get processed by a Team of caring personnel who loves what we sell, and you will experience this with every product you receive. We don't make any compromises. Every product is checked for flaws or imperfections before we ship it. We would never send a part we would not use on our bikes.

Sample Photos of RPM Carbon Products for various Bikes